Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated Buildings

Our prefabricated buildings can be produced and assembled with Press Panel System or Steel Carcassed Panel System in two or three-storeys as well as single-storey. It is possible to have 3000mm and 3500mm floor heights in prefabricated office buildings where 1250×2500 mm standard panels are used, in case they are requested.

Modularly produced prefabricated buildings can be manufactured in required dimensions, designs and various m2. Special solutions are offered by our technical staff consisting of architects and engineers, as well as standart projects, in case there is a particular customer request. Static calculations are made for each building on the basis of snow and wind loads compatible to climate specifics of the place it will be assembled on.

Manufacturing in short time and giving the opportunity for quick assembly, having the feature of being mountable-demountable for many times are most important reasons for prefering prefabricated buildings.

Prefabricated light buildings are mounted on precast concrete ground. With the system being steel construction, resistance to eartquake and lightness are greatest advantages of prefabricated buildings.

Prefabricated buildings can be delivered both with or without electrical and sanitary installments, paint, glass. All of the materials we use are TSE certified and most them have ISO 9001 certification. The raw materrials we use are in TSE and DIN norms.

Fiber cement material is especially preferred in exterior and interior panel coatings as it is A-1 class incombustible material. Panels are used as steel sheet / fiber cement coating on the exterior surfaces and fiber cement / pet on the interior surfaces. All installments are Project designed as flush mounted or surface mounted optionally.

The fiber cement board we use as coating material on the exterior, interior, ceiling and mezzanine floor upholstery in prefabricated buildings and containers consists of HEKIMBOARD branded cement, silicate and cellulose fibre and produced kiln-dried in high pressure and heat. Deformation from heat differences and climate conditions are prevented with this method.

Product deliveries can be performed with truck, TIR, vessel, freight container, train or cargo planes. Crane is not required for loading-unloading of fiber cement board panel system buildings. Crane is required in fiber cement bolted type buildings and steel sheet panel system buildings. Materials are packaged compatible to international transportation and packaging rules for overseas productions.