Hebo Container

Hebo Container

Hebo Container

Our containers are products preferred due to low cost and fast production. High quality galvanized building steel is used in the construction of our containers manufactured in Weldless Building Technology and film coated, painted, galvanized corrugated steel sheet is used in the exterior coating.

Black steel sheet, DKP steel sheet and welding are not used in the production of our Standard containers. Galvanizing process is important and necessary in containers for noncorrosion of steel. For this reason, our containers never face corrosion problem. Besides, containers are resistant to all kinds of climate conditions and compatible to long term use. Weldings in joint places, which we witness in the applications of many companies, cause corrosion in containers.

Bolts and nuts system is used and welding is definitely not used in the joints of our container productions. Constructions composed of weldless joints is more stronger in containers.

Hekimboard branded superior natural cement boards (fiber cement), produced by advanced technology of Hekim Yapi A.S., a subsidiary of our holding company, which are incombustible, unaffected by climate conditions and water and do not contain asbestos are used in the floor coatings of containers.

The motives to prefer the containers we produce for our customers are resistance to earthquake, fast production, high quality, easy to consign, long-lasting, affordable and with no corrosion risk. We have 1500 units/month production capacity for the containers manufactured in our StructureRobot line.

We share our distinctions and superior features from production to mounting with our professional customers and end-customers and continue our container production and quality services with our superior production technologies without ever slowing down.


Modular System Container: Modular system container can be used as single and two-storey. These types of containers can be used as office and bureau, prefabricated sites, dining halls and dormitories, prefabricated military installations, WC-shower and warehouse. Modular system containers are also designed for special purposes.

Container WC-Shower groups: They are very sturdy due to strong steel construction. Compatible to transportation and frequent changing of locations. Water and electrical installation shall be prepared by us. Water pipes are easily connected to city water and sewage as they are located at the back of the container and not underneath. It meets the requirements in large worksites, crowded organizations, construction areas as plenty of WC and shower units can placed inside.

All our WC-Shower units have mirror, sink, squatting or flushing WC, toilet-paper holder, cabinet, toilet seat cover, soap dispenser and exhaust fan, automatic fuse, switch plug, cable installation and lighting fixture. Special solutions are offered for disabled citizens.

Panel System Container: EPS panel containers with high insulation value are preferred in regions with severe climate conditions. Panel system containers can be used in single and multi-storey such as modular system containers and can be produced mounted or demounted. It can be compatible to required climate regions with various panel thickness options.

Utilization areas of panel system containers are Office and bureau, dormitory and dining hall, prefabricated worksites, prefabricated military installations, WC-shower and warehouse in general.

Mobile Container: Mobile container is generally preferred by companies which change sites frequently due to its mobility. Wheeled Mobile containers do not have installation and mounting procedures, saves time as its mobile.

Demounted Container: Demounted container occupies less space during transportation as it is demountable, thus provides ease of handling. Demounted containers can be preffered as an option just like mobile system containers.

Major Container Types can be put in order as; Modular System Container, Panel System Container, Demounted Container, WC Container, Shower Container, Office Container, WC-Shower Container, Security Container, Mobile Container, Camp Container.