Hebo City

Hebo City

Hebo City

Our Hebo City products are products which we bring out by assessing the effects of urban design on the perception of new urban planning. Our aim is to satisfy contemporary requirements and utilization of our products in a way to contribute to urban development.

We have brought a new product which is more advantageous, aesthetically modern and environment-friendly than coating materials such as steel sheet, polyesther, composite, aluminium, plastic... in the market by using fiber cement based HEKIMBOARD and TURKSIDING materials -produced in the factory of Hekim Yapi A.S., a subsidiary of HEKIM holding- in interior and exterior wall coatings of all products within the production.

Hebo City products are revealed by combining environmental raw materials and 21st century technology and blending them with the requirements of today’s urban planning. As well as offering multi-function solutions in internal volumes of small spaces with these specifications of theirs, they provide great harmony with urban fiber through their appearance with the variety of facade coating material prepared by means of considering current housing.

They are used in many areas such as office, dining hall, dormitory, kiosk, all kinds of sales points, security and warden units on sites and construction areas with wide possibilities of use.

Hebo City WC-Shower groups are highly aesthetic and very durable. It is coated with incombustible, insoluble and impact resistant fiber cement on its strong container construction. It is compatible with new urban planning perception with modern designs, various color and pattern options. As well as adding an elegant air to the place they are located without creating any visual pollution in various places around the town, WC and shower units also offer VIP solutions.

All our WC-Shower units have mirror, sink, squatting or flushing WC, toilet-paper holder, cabinet, toilet seat cover, soap dispenser and exhaust fan, automatic fuse, switch plug, cable installation and lighting fixture.

Special solutions are offered for disabled citizens.