Hebo Cabin

Hebo Cabin

Hebo Cabin

Hebo cabins are produced by using light steel technology. Modular structures produced in steel carcassed and sandwich panel systems allow for mobile utilization with easy transportability, easy cleaning and lightness features.

Our products, designed by using HEKIMPANEL, satisfy the requests of our customers fully with their criteria of being affordable, environment-friendly, having superior quality, premier insulation features, faster production and faster assembly.

The cabins we produce are used domestically and abroad in many areas. Some of the areas where cabin is used are security points, sales and kiosk units and parking lot booths. The multi-purpose cabins produced to be used as changing cabin and in parks, exhibition areas and beaches can also be used as police and military guard cabins.

Our WC-Shower Units are produced with the same technology, as well. WC-Shower units have superior sound and heat insulation. Besides they can be washed, does not corrode or oxidize and are easy to clean. They can easily be used in sites, construction areas, beaches, social facility areas, all kinds of concert and picnic events due to their lightness, durability and portability.

All our WC-Shower units have mirror, sink, squatting or flushing WC, toilet-paper holder, cabinet, toilet seat cover, soap dispenser and exhaust fan, automatic fuse, switch plug, cable installation and lighting fixture.

Special solutions are offered for disabled citizens.

Apart from our Standard ones, cabins in various dimensions are produced in the direction of customer’s various requirements, with the intermediation of our expert technical staff.